Joining The Navy

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  • Koko Plays
    Koko Plays8 საათის წინ

    I like how he said he lost his engine but the throttle is in 0

  • Mccakeboi
    Mccakeboi9 საათის წინ

    He doesn’t know

  • AbsoluteZero124
    AbsoluteZero12413 საათის წინ

    no they had flutes *plays recorder with nose*

  • Steve Papay
    Steve Papayდღის წინ

    Troydan is way Better than you

  • Viktor Bujtás
    Viktor Bujtás3 დღის წინ

    Pewds: "This is why the camouflage is so good, 'cause you can barely see me because of my colour." Me who's got pretty severe deuteranopic colour blindness: "M8, actually... it's better than you'd think..."

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void3 დღის წინ

    Top 10 most boringest games ever

  • Yusuf Abdool
    Yusuf Abdool3 დღის წინ


  • Nathan Bishop
    Nathan Bishop3 დღის წინ

    He doesn’t know

  • Cameron Massimi
    Cameron Massimi3 დღის წინ

    the viking have improved their strats instead of attacking from the trees

  • Игры и Трюки
    Игры и Трюки4 დღის წინ

    The best

  • jhonywalker002
    jhonywalker0024 დღის წინ

    he probably thinks Sun Tzu was an Admiral in the Japanese Navy

  • Rithvik Vijayakumar
    Rithvik Vijayakumar5 დღის წინ

    I just finished the video and realized that Felix did not see that his mom's plane is in the game. If he looks in the Swedish tech tree he can look at the Saab 105 which is the same plane his mom flew.

  • Nathan Quimby
    Nathan Quimby5 დღის წინ

    Are you going to finish Doom 3

  • Ollie Price
    Ollie Price5 დღის წინ

    That music.... sounds.... familiar....

  • Josh_EJTG


    დღის წინ


  • Squirrel Savage8
    Squirrel Savage85 დღის წინ

    Fucking love this game and love the intro

  • Free Cookie 500 sub • 52 years ago
    Free Cookie 500 sub • 52 years ago6 დღის წინ

    Just saying Lol

    FREESTEYN DOG’S6 დღის წინ

    Русские есть????

  • BhimBong Games
    BhimBong Games7 დღის წინ

    Pewdiepie official war thunder GEcoldr

  • Mr Bruhman
    Mr Bruhman8 დღის წინ

    Now do world of warships

  • Lucvader
    Lucvader8 დღის წინ

    Any war thunder players cringe at he hull breaks

  • Nasrdin Nassiri
    Nasrdin Nassiri9 დღის წინ

    سلام عليكم ورحمت الله وتعالى وبركته

  • Joshua Baron
    Joshua Baron9 დღის წინ

    HE DOESN’T KNOW HE Doesn’t Kn0w

  • MinatoAce
    MinatoAce9 დღის წინ

    Noooo, Not Felicia...Felix, you must protec your alter-ego

  • liltimi28
    liltimi2810 დღის წინ

    Japan did good in the war. Hiroshima and Nagasaki : Am I a JoKe To YoU

  • liltimi28
    liltimi2810 დღის წინ


  • Rexxunov
    Rexxunov10 დღის წინ

    Omg British Grenadiers theme 😂

  • CasuallySeal
    CasuallySeal10 დღის წინ

    Lets colonize em in War Thunder

  • HyperxD
    HyperxD11 დღის წინ

    Twitch HypsterTIGER.... I Will Post this comment till Pewdiepie notice my Twitch ^^

  • Жак Фреско
    Жак Фреско11 დღის წინ

    War thunder?

  • Ashley Broening
    Ashley Broening12 დღის წინ

    I come from a family of pilots and I still get very sick in small aircraft. I'm fine on any commercial plane, lol, but a 4-seater Cessna? Nah fam, I'll be in the back focusing too hard on keeping my lunch down. But I have so much respect for my dad, uncle, and grandpa who can fly. Super awesome. x)

  • H I
    H I12 დღის წინ

    Pewds : Why is my landing gear down? Bi-planes don’t have retractable landing gear.

  • Space Dome
    Space Dome12 დღის წინ

    i love war thunder play more please

  • Пук Вонище
    Пук Вонище13 დღის წინ

    Моя любимая игра !

  • Dave MCG
    Dave MCG13 დღის წინ

    How have I never heard of this game? Looks great.

  • kllk
    kllk13 დღის წინ

    He didn­t`t no..

  • Raphael GR Galban
    Raphael GR Galban13 დღის წინ

    the song he played at the start is used for The British Grenadiers and not the Japan navy

  • Suleiman
    Suleiman14 დღის წინ

    This video sponsored by Japanese

  • Suleiman
    Suleiman14 დღის წინ

    بس فيديو سبونسرد قبال جبن انجلش انجلش انجلش

  • Goodguy Typhlosion
    Goodguy Typhlosion14 დღის წინ


  • Shahzad112 Official
    Shahzad112 Official14 დღის წინ

    We r snake tanks - Genghis khan

  • Aicaa
    Aicaa14 დღის წინ


  • Georgy Zhukov
    Georgy Zhukov14 დღის წინ

    Japanese plane= kamikaze

  • steamy tree
    steamy tree14 დღის წინ

    He doesn't know

  • HitmeJr.
    HitmeJr.14 დღის წინ

    He doesn't know

  • GFHH
    GFHH14 დღის წინ

    هارمانم بابا نرده چارشفام

  • difil dops
    difil dops14 დღის წინ

    4:24 did he just made a kamikaze refrence

  • ttarmago Twi
    ttarmago Twi14 დღის წინ

    Pews in Japanese

  • shinzilla boi
    shinzilla boi15 დღის წინ

    Vladim Cleveland

  • yourmomsfriedgravy
    yourmomsfriedgravy15 დღის წინ

    Was that Joel's fuckin laugh? HAA haa ha

  • Universal
    Universal15 დღის წინ

    We still don't know what happened to Cleveland .

  • Shashank Ambekar
    Shashank Ambekar15 დღის წინ

    Don't shoot me while you'r ded - Sun Tzu

  • Nynir
    Nynir16 დღის წინ

    he doesn't know

  • Wesley Gray
    Wesley Gray16 დღის წინ

    Who else watched until the end and has decided that Felix's mom is a Swedish badass?

  • Wesley Gray

    Wesley Gray

    12 დღის წინ

    I feeeel like she might have been in the wedding video for a second but i'm not sure

  • Ashley Broening

    Ashley Broening

    12 დღის წინ

    For real!!! Has she ever been in a video? I know I've seen Felix's dad.

  • Richard
    Richard17 დღის წინ

    felix ya know that the plane j8A is actually a British gladiator with Swedish guns...

  • Muddiman 1
    Muddiman 118 დღის წინ

    Pewds got a tank ace that's actually super sick

  • Sweet and Funny Animals
    Sweet and Funny Animals18 დღის წინ

    Would you look on my channel? I have very well dogs videos. Have a good watching. 🐶🐶🐶

  • Rie Hidalgo
    Rie Hidalgo18 დღის წინ

    summary of the video: bye felicia; sun tzu said that

  • AJ Sheps
    AJ Sheps19 დღის წინ

    He doesn’t know

  • Adrian Rangel
    Adrian Rangel19 დღის წინ

    After this make like 30 Minecraft videos .. k cool.


    aND pLEase doN't UsE Sun Tsu's quote when you use it, it is pretty dumb.....I guess.

  • some randome tanker
    some randome tanker19 დღის წინ

    British song starts playing but its a Japanese ship why is Yuki no shingun not playing

  • YG AC
    YG AC19 დღის წინ

    Pewds the Little Nightmares 2 is out! I've been waiting for you to play it.

  • NonUZ
    NonUZ20 დღის წინ

    class 👍👍👍

    ANONIM GAMER20 დღის წინ

    я видел, чтобы на флейте игрли ртом, но чтобы носом?

  • Alteryx
    Alteryx20 დღის წინ

    Pewds: *Goes head-on with countless american and soviet planes, predictably enough dying in the process* Also Pewds: “I hate the Japanese!”

  • Henry


    4 დღის წინ


  • Gourav sharma
    Gourav sharma20 დღის წინ

    You still got so much Fun 😂😂😂😂👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Chester Saw
    Chester Saw20 დღის წინ

    He doesn't know

  • Force Enhance
    Force Enhance21 დღის წინ

    Pewdiepie: Runs into Clevland Also Pewdiepie: F*ck off Cleveland!

  • Avro
    Avro21 დღის წინ

    One time I got 8 kills in a Yak 1

  • Kim Murphy
    Kim Murphy21 დღის წინ

    He doesn’t know

  • jeko12 wa7sh
    jeko12 wa7sh22 დღის წინ


  • Aliza Pangaibat
    Aliza Pangaibat22 დღის წინ

    Hint: play realistic battles for more money

  • Jameson Carter
    Jameson Carter22 დღის წინ

    Your mom flew the sk60

  • Renan Ortiz
    Renan Ortiz23 დღის წინ

    felicia got owned

  • THAMU kaviruban All-rounder Rs
    THAMU kaviruban All-rounder Rs23 დღის წინ

    Pew die pie attendance here ❤️❤️

  • Đức Đỗ Hồng
    Đức Đỗ Hồng23 დღის წინ

    I’m here mostly because of Felicia

  • Đức Đỗ Hồng
    Đức Đỗ Hồng23 დღის წინ

    I’m here mostly because of Felicia

  • SkyLine 1144
    SkyLine 114423 დღის წინ

    0:28 สวัสดีครับ!!

  • VEN Fizpz
    VEN Fizpz23 დღის წინ

    I've played a game very similar to this

  • Тот самый ёж который Чихнул
    Тот самый ёж который Чихнул24 დღის წინ

    Тут был ЁЖ ИЗ МЕМа!:)

  • Тот самый ёж который Чихнул

    Тот самый ёж который Чихнул

    20 დღის წინ

    @Norm а извини

  • Тот самый ёж который Чихнул

    Тот самый ёж который Чихнул

    20 დღის წინ

    @Norm О РУССКИЙ!

    GX TOMMY24 დღის წინ

    Bellaa i am Italiannn

  • HD Bros
    HD Bros24 დღის წინ

    The intro of this video is truly the best part

  • Ava Unicorn
    Ava Unicorn24 დღის წინ

    my dad plays this game

  • the yung hb
    the yung hb24 დღის წინ

    War thunder is now in high tier GEcold universe

  • RW Ú¯
    RW گ24 დღის წინ


  • Raul The Ghoul
    Raul The Ghoul24 დღის წინ

    What the fuck? Since when does pewdiepie plays warthunder??

  • Yeety Dreety
    Yeety Dreety25 დღის წინ

    He doesn’t know

  • Southern Pennsy Railfan
    Southern Pennsy Railfan25 დღის წინ

    Look at me! Im Da Captain Now!

  • Unrelated Coma
    Unrelated Coma25 დღის წინ

    War Thunder is so much better than World of Tanks

  • IkMan
    IkMan25 დღის წინ

    14:40 is SK-60 trainer/light ground attack

  • Yankee With no brim
    Yankee With no brim26 დღის წინ


  • Archit Taneja
    Archit Taneja26 დღის წინ

    We India We Win

  • cindy dupont
    cindy dupont26 დღის წინ

    Hey pewdiepie can u download world war heroes thats a shooting game

  • Toby Jones1933
    Toby Jones193326 დღის წინ

    8:51 Swedish\ Russian plane intensifies

  • G.O
    G.O26 დღის წინ

    Noooo por qué no está subtitulado

  • Zou
    Zou26 დღის წინ

    Imagine the Hell he would indoor if he played Top Teir

  • Fritz The Wolf
    Fritz The Wolf26 დღის წინ

    He actually played war thunder again

    RESPONDI43326 დღის წინ

    As long as not the Norweigan navy ?

  • The gaming Dino
    The gaming Dino27 დღის წინ

    I love that he played the flute with his nose

  • Squidward Tentacles
    Squidward Tentacles27 დღის წინ

    0:45 pewdiepie telling grover cleavend to f word out